We're reimagining and reinventing the wedding planning process for the modern couple. Join us!

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Novela is an innovative company with a distributed work team from all over the world that has come together with the common cause of reinventing the wedding planning process for the modern, discerning couple.

We are a technology company; a media company; a marketing company; a wedding company; and most of all - a relationships company.

To work at Novela means to be a servant leader; to be inviting, compassionate and kind; to be curious, bold, and forward-thinking; to be invested in personal and professional long-term growth; and to be committed to building a business we can be proud of that has a positive impact in the world.

To work at Novela means to gratefully serve couples on their journey of love as well as hard-working small business owners committed to supporting the wedding industry.

To work at Novela means to subscribe to our Love Pledge - that love is love; love is service; love is truth; love is acceptance; love is community.

Work at Novela

Flexibility & Autonomy

Working at Novela gives you maximum flexibility over your schedule and lots of autonomy over how you do your work.

Service & Mastery

Working at Novela means practicing servant leadership every day, and having the opportunity to develop mastery in your chosen discipline.

Growth & Purpose

Working at Novela offers a true sense of purpose and opportunities for growth as we reimagine and reinvent the $96 billion wedding industry.

Work | Life | Balance

The global pandemic has upended the way we work. At Novela, we're creating a company from the ground up to meet the moment; a company that aligns with this new way of working.

We start with the concept of 'ROWE' - the Results Only Work Environment. By focusing on the results, we create maximum flexibility around inputs. As a modern company, Novela provides its team members with unlimited flexibility to create the work life they want and the support to make it a reality. We tailor our work environment to the new way of working - distributed; autonomous; collaborative; asynchronous; transparent; trusting; results-oriented.

Having the flexibility of a fully distributed workforce requires investments in culture to create cohesiveness and a common language. Novela brings its team together every year to support camaraderie, connection, and to ensure everyone is rowing in the same direction.

Sound good to you? Then join us, and discover how good work can feel. Join us, and let's build something beautiful together.

The Novela Love Pledge

At Novela, love is love. Each one of our trusted vendors signs our Love Pledge, so we ensure we’re building a wedding community founded on acceptance, understanding and respect.
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