Start your planning process right with a custom-designed wedding plan from Novela.

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What's Included in Your Wedding Plan

A Personalized Style Guide to Support your Wedding Aesthetic

Every project needs a North Star - even your wedding! Your personalized Wedding Style Guide, created in partnership with your Wedding Designer, will crystallize a design vision for your wedding and ensure all future design decisions support your personal aesthetic style.

Tailor-Made Vendor Recommendations with Availability & Detailed Pricing Options

Based on your unique goals, we'll hand pick vendor recommendations for your wedding day from our all-star team of wedding professionals. We'll do the heavy lifting of gathering their availability and all relevant pricing information and service options, so you have everything you need to make streamlined, informed decisions at your fingertips.

A Customized Wedding Checklist to Ensure You Stay On Track

Planning a wedding can sometimes feel like a full-time job! We're here to streamline your entire planning process, make sure you're focused on the right things, and take a lot of the busy work off your plate. What's left is a delightful wedding planning experience filled with the fun stuff!

24/7 Wedding Concierge Services to Support your Planning Process

A lot of wedding planning relies on communications with vendors - communications that can be challenging and frustrating at times. For example, don't want to research which vendors are available to work with you on your big day?  You don't have to - we're just a text message away to help support your process. Our wedding concierge team is available 24 hours a day to help you get the information and support you need - when you need it.

Our Best Rate and Client Satisfaction Guarantee from the World's Best Vendors

At Novela, we only work with the top 20% of wedding vendors in the industry. You're always guaranteed to get the best possible rate, and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. When you plan your wedding with Novela supporting you, you'll get the peace of mind that comes from only working with the very best.

The Novela Love Pledge

At Novela, love is love. Each one of our trusted vendors signs our Love Pledge, so we ensure we’re building a wedding community founded on acceptance, understanding and respect.
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