December Magic at West Manor Estate

Kalie and Andrew's elegant December wedding at West Manor Estate was a dreamy winter celebration brimming with joyful spirit and thoughtful personal touches. The day flowed with seamless precision, guiding the couple through a serene and meaningful ceremony in the venue's grand light-filled conservatory.

Lush green garlands and a delicate wooden cross adorned the aisle, complementing the bride's romantic delicate beaded gown and the bridesmaids' soft blush dresses. As the newlyweds exchanged vows surrounded by their loved ones, Out of Twig Photography captured the pure emotion and connection of the moment.

Guests moved into the elegant main ballroom for a reception filled with laughter and dancing and a decadent dessert display alongside "Spread the Love" farmstand strawberry jam guest favors. Monika Garland Productions' cinematic videography preserved every treasured memory. As the night ended, Kalie and Andrew departed through a shower of celebratory sparklers, bidding farewell to their magical Charlottesville winter wedding.

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Kalie & Andrew

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