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Based on your budget and preferences, Hunter & Sarah Photography
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Based on your budget and preferences, Hunter & Sarah Photography
could be a great fit for you.

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Are you drawn to light and airy photography? Or dark and moody? True to life? Or vintage filters? Wedding photographer and Amative Creative founder Andrea Lewis loves them all. Her wedding photography and videography business is a compilation of 40 talented artists, each offering a special skill set. Andrea works diligently to match couples with their perfect photographer or videographer and personally edits every image herself to ensure the desired look is met.
“I edit in different ways because each wedding, person, season, and day has a unique look. And honestly, different editing styles accentuate different things, and can make or break the image,” Andrea says.
It’s the lighting on your wedding day, the prominent colors people wear, the time of year, seasonal hues, and the time of day that play a dramatic role in how your wedding photos look. All of these factors affect how photo editing styles are applied and the tone of the images that land in your wedding album, Andrea says.
Amative Creative factors in these variables while allowing couples to select their desired style of shooting and editing. The process begins with an interview and personality assessment, which Andrea uses to pair couples with the appropriate artist from her talented team.
“It shouldn’t be about me or the photographer and whatever predetermined label we’ve put on our photography,” she says. “At the end of the day, it’s your wedding, these are your images, and they’re going on your walls.”
Andrea first picked up a camera as a child, watching her mother and grandmother shoot with classic Minoltas. On her 18th birthday, Andrea’s older brother gifted her a Fuji digital camera, launching her pursuit of photography and spurring a studio arts degree and MFA in photography and graphic design from Liberty University.
“It was my first real big girl camera. I still have it,” she says. “It was mind-blowing. It was instantaneous satisfaction — I didn’t have to wait a month to see what I shot.”
After dabbling in nonprofit photography, spending some time in the corporate marketing world, shooting friends’ weddings, and becoming a highly desired local photographer, with a marriage, and two babies in between, Andrea realized she wanted to pursue wedding photography, but didn’t want to miss weekend family time. From there, Amative Creative was born.
“Speaking for myself and for everyone else on our team, we love to celebrate weddings with our couples,” Andrea says. “We’re there to capture the silly crazy random candid moments but also to create lifelong heirloom masterpieces that are going to go above fireplaces.”
Andrea loves getting that call or text from a couple years later, letting her know it’s their anniversary and they’re crying tears of happiness watching their wedding video.
“I’m not just taking pretty pictures. I’m helping their lives be a little better. The fact that I was able to make them remember their wedding day in the best way possible, is a beautiful thing.”

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Meet the team
Andrea Lewis
Lead Photographer

Real Talk with

Wedding Photographer Andrea Lewis

The best weddings are…

authentic. I had one wedding that was so real and genuine that I was on the edge of crying all day. The couple was so in love. The families were so supportive on both sides. There wasn’t a moment of drama.

We’ve saved the day…

at the very end of the night — this has happened twice, believe it or not — the bride is having a great time dancing and her dress was stepped on and ripped from the waist down. The bride is standing there awkwardly holding herself together. I’ve pulled bobby pins and tulle together to pin up the dress so she didn’t have to leave the dance floor.

My biggest piece of advice is…

make time for yourself. Brides need to add a half hour before or after their ceremony to not have anything planned into their timeline. This is when you sit, have water, go pee, and give yourself that time.

I always have this with me…

tissues, for me. I cry a lot at weddings. I’m a walking Hallmark commercial. I also carry a 1.5-inch copper pipe and prism you can stick in front of your lens to create really cool light effects.

My favorite camera is...

Canon R5

My favorite special wedding moment is...

the mother-son dance really gets me, because I’m a mom of a little boy. I also like seeing interpersonal moments, like when the mom is zipping up her daughter’s dress. She has probably envisioned this all of her life and now it’s really happening.


I always bring the couple out to look at the sunset. That’s your wedding day sunset, that’s yours.

Wedding Photographer Andrea Lewis

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