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Based on your budget and preferences, Hunter & Sarah Photography
could be a great fit for you.

Pricing & Availability

Based on your budget and preferences, Hunter & Sarah Photography
could be a great fit for you.

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Hunter and Sarah Photography

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Charlottesville, VA
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Personal and Intentional Wedding Photography

For high school sweethearts and professional Charlottesville wedding photographers Hunter and Sarah Sheldon, the sacredness of marriage is everything. That’s why they hold tight to their Thursday night date night tradition and how they’re able to communicate in a simple glance across a ceremony lawn.
“Growing as a couple and growing in marriage has allowed us to communicate in clear ways as business partners,” Sarah says. “I can look over at Hunter with a slight gesture and he’ll get it: Oh, Dad is crying up front, go shoot it.”
The two self-taught photographers have captured nearly 120 weddings together since 2015. They work as dual lead photographers—rather than one lead and one assistant—at every wedding, each delivering a special skill set. Sarah brings the creative edge and fine art aesthetic, composing candid shots and creating reception space storytelling magic. Hunter is not afraid to get up in the action, snapping cocktail hour and dance floor moves with ease.
“When you put our two skill sets together, you’re going to get a beautiful mix,” Hunter says.
Sarah and Hunter started dating in high school, doing the long-distance thing in college. Sarah took the pre-law track at Christopher Newport University. Hunter studied bio-medical engineering at UVA and, when a friend of a friend asked him junior year to dust off his camera from high school and shoot a wedding, he declined. Luckily, they persisted and he gave in.
“I fell in love with it,” Hunter says. “This was going to be way more fun than working in biotech.”
Soon he was spending every weekend shooting weddings. Since he and Sarah only saw each other on the weekends, he convinced Sarah to pick up a camera and join him. The rest is history. “Sarah is now a better photographer than I am,” he says. “She has an eye for high-end photography that exceeds my own.”
Growing a marriage and a business in tandem over the years has taught them how to love each other and how to love the couples they work with. They’ve realized their gift for making others feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera and hold great value in empowering couples with knowledge.
“We know, for most people, spending time with loved ones on their wedding day is so important,” Sarah says. “So we walk them through a wedding day experience when they book with us. We give them all the information up front.”
Sarah and Hunter mail out a hardcopy style guide that includes tons of real-life advice on everything from wedding day timelines to golden hours to first looks to telling your chronically late family members that portraits start 15 minutes earlier than they really do.
On the big day, the mood is fun, playful, and efficient. Sarah and Hunter thrive off of each other’s strengths, making everyone laugh and delivering a timeless fine art hybrid of film and digital photography.
“We know what comes next and we know how to get in and out of family photos as quickly as possible,” Hunter says. “We’re able to serve our couples really well with really beautiful imagery.”

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Meet the team
Hunter & Sarah
Owners and Photographers

Real Talk with

Wedding Photographers Hunter and Sarah

The best weddings are…

authentic. I love weddings where the couple feels comfortable and puts all their trust in their vendors so they can just be themselves and enjoy their day.

Our biggest piece of advice is…

have an intentional date night where you don’t talk about the wedding. You’re getting married because you love each other and you want to cultivate a marriage.

I always have…

tissues on me. You never know when someone is going to cry or sweat.

The shot we love to get is…

We have a series of wedding party photos we call the tunnel. It’s where the wedding party is lined up facing each other and the couple walks through. It’s so much fun to set up and creates really beautiful images with so much laughter, cheering, and joy.

My favorite camera is...

Nikon Z6II

My favorite special wedding moment is...

We shot a wedding in July where the bride’s mom had ALS and, even though she’d lost dexterity in her hands and walks with a walker, Sarah was able to capture a series of images where the mother came into the bridal suite and touched the back of her daughter’s dress. The mom’s face is so full of joy and the bride’s face has that same joy with a touch of knowing and sadness. They embrace and touch foreheads and lean in and close their eyes. It was something special.


I enjoy telling our couples at random points to look into my camera. You just get such raw emotion pointed right at you. Those are the timeless shots.

Wedding Photographer Sarah Sheldon





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