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Based on your budget and preferences, Hunter & Sarah Photography
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Pricing & Availability

Based on your budget and preferences, Hunter & Sarah Photography
could be a great fit for you.

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Katie Lewis Photography

Wedding Planner
Wedding Photographer
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Herndon, VA
Preferred Vendor

Joyful, Timeless Real Images

Mirroring your love and genuine connection.

On your wedding day, Katie Lewis hones in on the most important detail: your marriage.
“It's the connection and devotion between you and your spouse,” she says. “Photographs of how you and your spouse looked at each other on your wedding day, were in awe of each other at your first look, cried together during your ceremony, danced together at your reception, and laughed together as you celebrated — photographs like that will be your legacy and will be cherished for generations to come.”
Katie’s lens focuses on candid, loving moments to create beautiful, relaxed portraits. The full-time wedding photographer has perfected the balanced art of always being there, but never in the way. She credits this to her many years working with the Department of Defense in Washington, D.C. As a staff photographer, she photographed hundreds of high-profile national leaders and events.
“I learned how to photograph presidents and cabinet secretaries and how to photograph an event discreetly so as not to call attention to myself,” Katie says.
These camera tactics carried over seamlessly to weddings, she says. Katie stealthy lines up groups and gets the needed shots while working quickly and keeping the wedding timeline flowing. She has learned how to be a guest and an observer at the same time, keeping her attention on the couple and how they’re experiencing the day.
“I know when to photograph and when to keep my camera down,” she says. “I am able to help people feel at ease. My couples always tell me I’m laid back and comfortable to be around.”
Growing up in southeastern Virginia, Katie remembers flipping through family albums as a child, cherishing the happy wedding photos and getting her hands on her very first camera at age seven. She would run around snapping photos of her cat, her family and flowers.
After earning a degree from George Washington University in fine art and art history with a concentration in photography, Katie studied abroad in Florence, capturing her first digital photographs and growing a deep appreciation for art history and travel. The first wedding Katie shot was her cousin’s and she quickly fell in love with the creativity and sentimental value.
When Covid hit in 2020, Katie realized wedding photography was her dream and she left her job with the Department of Defense that fall, rolling right into the wedding boom of 2021 and 2022. “I love working with other creatives and vendors,” she says. “It’s a really fun collaboration to create a beautiful and meaningful event together.”
Her signature style is digital, but in a film aesthetic that appears timeless. She maintains relatively true-to-life color while editing with a film simulation that adds a slight tinge of classic grain to the image.
“I strive for the timeless keepsake photo where real emotion comes through,” Katie says.

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Meet the team
Katie Lewis
Owner and Lead Photographer

Real Talk with

Charlottesville Wedding Photographer Katie Lewis

The best weddings are…

fun. Where the bride and groom enjoy themselves and their guests. Where they can feel relaxed and let themselves enjoy the day without worrying about the details.

My biggest piece of advice is…

Someone told me when I was getting married, pick your top three values for your wedding and when details overwhelm you or something doesn’t happen the way you’d planned, ask yourself “is this in my top three?” Then you can prioritize what’s important and not stress about every detail.

I always have…

backup batteries and cameras. I always have snacks. And a pocket knife to cut tags or pry a marble tabletop off to use as a photo backdrop.

The shot I love to get is…

a relaxed portrait of the couple after they’ve had a drink and a bite to eat. There’s a sense of joy, relief and love there. The moment they’ve put so much preparation into is finally here. Once the party has started, it’s all about joy and celebration.

My favorite special wedding moment…

There was a couple that had a wedding during a hurricane. The reception happened when it was pouring rain and the couple was playing bongos with the band. They were so happy and didn’t let the weather hinder that. It was a moment of pure joy between them that I’ll always remember.

Favorite camera to work with:

Nikon Z-62


I’ve seen a lot of styles come and go and I’ve honed in on a timeless style that is organic and focuses on the genuine emotion and relationship between people at the wedding.

Katie Lewis, Wedding Photographer

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