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Based on your budget and preferences, Hunter & Sarah Photography
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Based on your budget and preferences, Hunter & Sarah Photography
could be a great fit for you.

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Lane Stewart Events

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Charlottesville, VA
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Intentionally Designed Weddings with Heart

Lane Stewart Events co-owners and lead planners Alana Harner and Melanie Spence want to understand the why behind your wedding inspiration. The bubbly, dynamic pair looks past your Pinterest board, working side by side with you to find the perfect balance of traditional and unique touches, calling on intention and grace.
There’s an exceptional level of detail that stems from Alana’s communications and business leadership degree from Virginia Tech and Melanie’s theater production years at James Madison.
“I had an epiphany one day. The production level of a large-scale musical and a wedding are really similar,” Melanie says. “You’re picking your set, casting your characters, setting costume and décor.”
Alana launched Lane Stewart Events in 2020, tapping into her event management and hospitality director résumé to grow the wedding design business, recruiting Melanie as a partner in 2021.
Each other’s yin and yang, Melanie and Alana provide clients with a thoughtfully crafted wedding experience. Logistics and guest experience are top of mind and the planning process is set up to be stress-free from start to finish.
“People always tell me on the wedding day that I’m calm as a cucumber. We approach situations without stress or panic,” Alana says. The two excel at behind-the-scenes problem solving, saving the day when rain flooded an event tent at a new venue by shoveling water out from underneath and drying out the tent hours before the wedding.
“Sometimes the baker or florist forgets to put flowers on the cake. Or the bride forgets to give us table numbers. It’s ok. We’ve got it covered,” Melanie says. “And we do it without anybody knowing that it’s a problem yet.”
Lane Stewart Events packages range from full-weekend planning, covering every detail from rehearsal dinner to send-off brunch; full-service planning and design for couples who want guidance from the get-go — think venue selection, budget management, and tying together all your design ideas — and partial planning services for help with vendor management or design assistance.
“We customize based on our clients, who they are, and what their style is. We really like to talk to clients and match them with vendors that fit their style, budget, and personality,” Alana says. “We make sure to ask are you liking this design element because it’s trending? Or will you be able to look back in 50 years and still love it?”
That gentle guidance and eye for connecting an aesthetic or concept to the couple in a timeless and personal way are what make Lane Stewart Events soar in the industry.
“The wedding day should be the easiest part,” Melanie says. “We’re just putting the plans that have been made over the last year into place with vendors we trust.”

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Meet the team
Alana Harner
Co-Owner and Lead Planner
Co-Owner and Lead Planner

Real Talk with

Wedding Designers and Planners Alana Harner and Melanie Spence

The best weddings are…

intentional. The best weddings are focused on the couple getting married and gathering their favorite people in one place.

Our biggest piece of advice is…

trust the people that you’ve hired to do their job. If you can have that trust in us, in the vendors, it will be what you’ve pictured. Trust that we’ve checked and verified everything. Know that we have your back.

We always have…

a lint roller, safety pins, tape, scissors, Band-Aids, mints, deodorant, hair spray, bobby pins, twine, ribbon. And a smile.

Something couples don’t think about, but should…

guest experience. The flow of the day. How guests travel from church to venue or within the venue itself. What about the in between moments? We focus on the way the guests travel through the venue and experience the day.


Couples will give us words to describe what they’re going for — modern, sleek, specific colors. But in their minds, they can never picture exactly how it’s going to look. In our minds, we can. Trust that we know. It’s the most magical thing to have them see it for the first time and have it click — wow, you really knew how to bring to life what’s in my brain. We make it tangible and realistic and within their budget.

Lane Stewart Events co-owner and lead planner Melanie Spence





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