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Based on your budget and preferences, Hunter & Sarah Photography
could be a great fit for you.

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Little Acorn Events

Wedding Planner
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Charlottesville, VA
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Mia Crump’s favorite people tell her she’s the Monica of Friends. The hyper-organized mother of two and Little Acorn Events owner nods to her Type A personality and steadfast dedication for elevating her extremely successful wedding planning business.
“I’m always the host, and I love that,” Mia says. “That’s what life’s all about. Those big times and the memories that we create together.”
Mia landed in Charlottesville by way of San Diego when her husband’s career brought them east. An elementary school teacher disheartened by the public education system and pregnant with her first daughter, she was drawn to wedding planning’s energy and work-from-home flexibility. Mia opened Little Acorn Events in 2018, three months before her daughter was born, and fell in love with the industry.
Since then, her wedding planning company has blossomed into a team of five women and her family has grown to include two daughters. She likens the event planning process to teaching, saying both require building solid relationships and getting to know your students' and couples’ core motivators and values. In an initial meeting, Mia asks her couples what they like to do together and how they met.
“A big piece of why I’m passionate about weddings is the love story,” she says. “I love a good rom-com.”
Keywords are another vital foundational piece, she says, asking couples to provide descriptors to encompass their vibe or aesthetic. Elegant, tropical, lush, and sexy — from there, Mia brings the elements to life through creative design and her trusted Rolodex of vendors.
Mia’s planning style is hands-on, first one there, last one to leave. She’s always keeping meticulous notes and hitting deadlines with tact and ease, working directly with caterers, décor, and floral vendors in a managerial orchestrating role while keeping the team dynamic firmly in place.
Building personal details and intimate moments into the wedding day is Little Acorn’s specialty. Couples tuck away for a private toast after exiting the ceremony and grab a special dance floor moment after everyone (except the photographer) has left the reception.
“I’m out here lighting sparklers or handing out confetti and my couple is having their private dance, soaking it up and cherishing that time together,” she says. “It’s easy to get lost in the moving pieces of the orchestrated day. We’re planning this wedding to celebrate your love and your marriage. Let’s ground ourselves in that.”

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Mia Crump

Real Talk with

Wedding Planner Mia Crump

My biggest piece of advice is…

to think about what matters most to you and your partner and highlight those aspects on your special day. Lean in and enjoy the celebration and find what enables you to soak up the joy of the planning process, as well as the joy of your day.

I’m there to…

be an emotional touchstone for my couples. Yes, I will be checking off boxes with vendors as they arrive, outlining the plan and timelines. But I’m also making sure my couples feel supported, that they are drinking water, and that there’s a plate of apps and their favorite drinks waiting for them after the ceremony so they can have a private just-married moment.

We’ve saved the day…

Thirty minutes before the ceremony, a groomsman comes running up to me and says “Mia, we don’t have the rings. I do remember putting them on the roof of the car before getting into the car.” I said, ok, here’s what we’re going to do. We’re not telling the bride until we’ve solved the problem. The groomsmen go retrace their steps and find the rings on the side of Highway 29. One of them was bent. The groom was almost in tears. We were able to bend it back into shape to do the wedding ceremony. It all worked out.

My favorite leisure beverage is...

I’m from Sonoma County, so I’m a wine person. I love a good rosé.

My favorite special wedding moment is...

I had a wedding a couple of years ago where they did a mother-daughter dance, and the bride had secretly created a slideshow of photos of her and her mama that the DJ projected during the dance. Needless to say, as a mama with daughters, my heart burst! These are the moments that mean the most to me. The relationships I get to build and the ones I get to witness in joyful celebration.


As a wedding planner, your answer should always be yes, here it is. Or yes, I already took care of that.

Owner and Lead Planner Mia Crump





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