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The son of a successful banker, Robert Radifera grew up in Washington D.C., with a high-paying finance career waiting for him after college. A year abroad in Paris and a slew of photography and art classes forever changed his trajectory.

“Back at school in the states senior year, I’m filling out my form for last semester and I was freaking out about being an economics major,” Robert says. “It just hit me. This is not who I am. I loved my art classes.”
He decided to take an extra semester and graduated from Pennsylvania’s Allegheny College, earning a Bachelor of Arts with a focus on photography. Robert interned for D.C. commercial photographers who paid him with the high-end restaurant food he was shooting.
“All of my friends were getting married at the time, so I started shooting weddings for a couple hundred bucks,” he says. “I was really good at it. I loved it. And I decided I could do this for a living.”
Robert married his college sweetheart Lauren and moved to Afton and then Charlottesville, watching the local wedding industry take flight and sharpening his craft by shooting hundreds of weddings over the years. Today, his style is described as classic and timeless, preserving history and serving as a couple’s documentarian.
“I want photos that will last for the great-grandkids and the great-great-grandkids to appreciate,” he says. “I tell my clients ‘if you didn’t remember I was there outside of the formal shots, then I did my job.’”
Robert documents the day as it unfolds, setting up the perfect lighting and angle as needed and encapsulating those beautiful getting ready candids between a bride and her mother and bridesmaids — some of his favorite genuine moments to shoot. He also carries a soft spot for the look on a groom’s face when they see their partner for the first time that day.
“Capturing those moments is what it’s all about,” he says. “They’ll remember how they felt at that moment and it will come flooding back when they see their photos later.”
Real Talk with Wedding Photographer Robert Radifera
The best weddings are…from the heart and who they are. During Covid, 95 percent of my weddings cancelled. We shot a lot of intimate backyard weddings and they were having the best time ever. You could tell those memories were going to last.
My biggest piece of advice is…Because weddings today are so extensive and there’s so much involved, sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important. And that’s that you’re marrying your best friend. —Lauren Radifera, Robert’s wife and wedding photography culling expert
I always have…candy. Endless amounts. I love Zots and Mentos from Asia. I share them with my assistants and the wedding party if they need something.
The shot I love to get is…all the end of the night dance moments. Their ties are off, shirts are unbuttoned, they’re sweaty and laughing. Someone always has a crazy dance move or flip I can catch.
Pulled quote: **“I feel very blessed that I’m able to go out every day and make art. I’m able to create every day. It’s a gift.” —Wedding Photographer Robert Radifera
**Details + Digits

Years in the Biz: 29
Weddings Per Year: 10-14
Favorite Camera: Nikon D5
**Favorite Special Wedding Moment: **I remember a particular wedding where the best man was the husband’s dad and as the bride was walking down the aisle you could see the groom getting choked up. And the dad just puts his hand solidly on his son’s shoulder. I’ve shot a billon of them, but it’s moments like that where no one’s saying anything and it’s emotional. I still get teary.

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Robert Radifera
Wedding Photographer
Lauren Clarke
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Scarlet & Bryce

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Scarlet & Bryce

“Robert was the best photographer we could have selected for our special day. He made the entire engagement and wedding experience relaxed and fun for my husband and I, and as a wedding vendor myself-I know that's not easy! The pictures are absolutely amazing and we couldn't be more thrilled that Robert was able to share & capture our day with us. I would highly recommend him (and I have) to other Charlottesville wedding couples! Thank you, Robert for all you did for us!”

Kelsey & Drew

“Robert was exactly what we were looking for in a photographer for our wedding. From the moment we first met with him, he was extremely professional, very open and honest, and made us feel completely at ease. Leading up to the big day, Robert was always available to answer our never-ending list of questions. On the big day, Robert and his second shooter were absolute dreams to work with. They were patient, professional, and always had smiles on their faces. They helped my husband and me to be less camera shy and captured each moment perfectly. While waiting for the proofs, Robert made it a point to provide us with "sneak peeks" on social media. The wait was totally worth it! I am obsessed with the final photos and I am so excited to share them with our friends and family. Thank you Robert for being such an amazing, talented professional. It was a true pleasure to work with you. We are so happy and pleased to call you our wedding photographer.”

Sarah & Wade

“Robert was a dream to work with! Our photos turned out BEAUTIFULLY, and we are so happy we chose to have Robert be such a big part of the day...those photos last forever, people! Choosing a talented photographer is so important. Not only is Robert incredibly good at the actual photography part, but what makes him so special is his genuine care for his clients. He showed an honest interest in our "story", and wanted to know our vision, style, personalities, and really spent time getting to know us. We ended up chatting over coffee for 2 hours during our initial consultation, and it was soooo natural and easy, like talking with an old friend. Robert is so easy to get along with and really put us at ease throughout the wedding day. We don't love having our picture taken, but he has a way of making you feel so relaxed and natural, and it shows in the pictures! We will forever cherish our wedding photos and are so grateful that Robert Radifera came into our lives.”

Stephanie & Blake

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Robert Radifera Photography

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