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Virginia Beach, VA
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Honest Portraiture and Authentic Stories

Valerie Demo is a self-professed moment stalker. She’s not afraid to color outside the lines, to snap funky angles and to catch raw emotion and movement. The East Coast wedding photographer thrives on real moments, dedicating her lens to authentic, timeless images. No cheesy poses. No stress. No awkwardness. Just real smiles and real moments in time.
Valerie blends in seamlessly, making sure everyone is comfortable in front of her camera, ensuring you have that cherished wedding day time with your loved ones and aren’t wasting any of it posing for uncomfortable portraits. For her, professional doesn’t mean stuffy or traditional. She encourages you to have fun, be yourselves and cherish those moments in between the moments.
Valerie never misses authentic smiles, spontaneous tears and full-body laughs.
When you look at your wedding photos years from now, Valerie wants you to hear your chuckles and feel the shared love. She aims to transport you to the day and to tell your love story through photography and connection. Editing is kept to a minimum and will preserve the mood and tone of each real life moment.

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