Striking Autumn Embraces at Rounton Farm

Bianca and Josh’s autumn soiree at Rounton Farm brought together sacred tradition and rural tranquility. Cherishing morning moments in the beautifully appointed Garden Suite, the bride shared a first look in the surrounding gardens with her beaming bridesmaids. The bride’s modern white fairytale gown flowed and fanned out around her best friends, huddled for a prayer in the fall trees.

A bountiful bouquet overflowed with white blooms and intricate baby's breath flanked by natural foliage. Formal touches appeared in the bride’s elbow-length white gloves and the groom’s dapper military dress blues. The sacred ceremony took place under a towering tulip popular tree beneath a crisp cloudless blue sky.

Charlottesville wedding photographers with Whitney Nicole Photography captured the October wedding with classic dramatic black and white imagery and artistic angles. Playing with shadows and light and contrast and textures within groves of ancient trees, photographers caught private kisses between the couple, groomsmen tossing their groom into the air, and the wedding party gathered around the couple in support and celebration. Every moment was skillfully documented, from the striking florals being chilled in a Yeti cooler to the bride’s simple gold cross and stunning chic gown to the newlyweds backlit by a golden sun dipping behind paddocks and endless rolling hills. 

The couple signed their marriage license and relished in a private photo shoot walking the family farm’s meadows before joining friends and family for cocktail hour on the vast lawn. Horses came to the fence, toddlers toddled around, and wine and beer flowed easily from the vintage pickup truck turned outdoor bar. Rounton Farm’s beautiful two-story Big Red Barn housed a joyful reception that included a dessert table of traditional stroopwafels, lady fingers and cake pops paired with a coffee bar. 

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Bianca & Josh

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