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Based on your budget and preferences, Hunter & Sarah Photography
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Based on your budget and preferences, Hunter & Sarah Photography
could be a great fit for you.

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Hedge Fine Blooms

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Exquisite Freshly Plucked Floral Designs

Hedge Fine Blooms owner Karen Walker grew up on a Vermont dairy farm, watching her father nurture bountiful flower gardens and growing her own adoration for the outdoors. When a dear friend decided to hang up her pruning shears in 2007 and sell her Charlottesville flower boutique, Karen, who had helped out in the shop over the years, jumped in.
“I just fell in love with it,” she says. “The weddings scene started to pick up in Charlottesville and then this industry just blew up. We became this destination. And designing weddings in this area is really fun, interesting, and beautiful.”
Fifteen years and hundreds of Charlottesville weddings later, Karen still believes that flowers connect us with the beauty of the natural world. Whether it’s through floral chandeliers, a hand-crafted ceremony arbor, statement-making centerpieces, or a fairytale flower girl crown, her design team knows the right floral presence stands on its own and elevates the guest experience.
The cherished boutique is renowned for its chic aesthetic style, aligning with Charlottesville’s increasingly sophisticated, but still pastoral, aesthetic. When a couple decides to work with Hedge, location is foremost. The goal is to showcase a particular time and place and flowers are a big part of that — they give clues not only to the beautiful location but also to the season.
Since every Charlottesville wedding they design is unique, Hedge floral designers love to see all the details: the dress, the ring, the invitations. Couples arrive at the studio and develop a wedding language with designers, pulling in florals and color palettes that speak to them. While some arrive with binders full of Pinterest and Instagram ideas, and others with just a vague idea, the ultimate goal is to strike a perfect balance of planning and leave room for serendipitous discoveries along the way.
Looking ahead at trends, Hedge designers are seeing a real focus on elevated intimacy, making sure guests enjoy high-end table design and elegant flatware and linens with an overall luxe, polished and one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

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Meet the team
Karen Walker
Owner and Chief Floral Officer
Operations Manager

Real Talk with

Floral Designer Karen Walker

The best weddings are…

fun and filled with love and happiness. There’s no stress involved. You can tell when the bride and groom are just letting the day flow and they’re happy people — things come together.

We’ve saved the day…

through our strong community connections! When a couple is stuck or in a panic, we’re happy to recommend other wonderful members of the wedding and event community. We know who can help out with a last-minute emergency or request. Also, we once found a flower girl who was hiding under a table before the ceremony.

My biggest piece of advice is…

the bride sets the tone. If you’re running around stressed out, your wedding is going to be stressed out. Enjoy your bridesmaids and your family. You’re about to marry the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Enjoy it!

My favorite flowers are...

Peonies. And Queen Anne’s lace — if you look at it intricately, it’s really a gorgeous flower.

My favorite special wedding moment is...

I had a moment with a bride that surprised me. They were leaving at the end of the night and she pulled me aside and said ‘Karen, you just went above and beyond and you blew me away and I was really touched.’ She took my breath away when she told me that.


I can just look at someone and know what kind of flower arrangement they are going to enjoy. I feel blessed with that gift.

Owner Karen Walker

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