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Beautiful Fleeting Moments

Husband-wife photography duo Karissa and Jeremy seek the beautiful fleeting moments of bliss that stream naturally through your wedding narrative. The full-time Charlottesville wedding photographers use natural light, capturing heartfelt moments and encouraging postures that feel organic.

Karissa and Jeremy use proven methods to guarantee seamless flow that appears effortless and flawless. They get to know you through a detailed planning and research phase, followed by a wedding package consult over coffee and nailing down a specific day-of timeline plan. They arrive 1.5 hours before you get dressed, capturing hair and makeup, ceremony set-up and finishing touches. As guests arrive and music plays, they’re in position witnessing the sweetest moments from at least two angles. Even wedding party and family photos unfold with ease — Karissa and Jeremy recommend spacing them out throughout the day to avoid burnout.
Out of Twig’s philosophy lies in the intriguing fact that time flies. We can’t stop it or pause it, but we can grab onto those feelings and memories and store them away in keepsake photos. These real in-between moments — not just the posed ones — are what mean the most.

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Karissa Grantham
Jeremy Grantham

Real Talk with

Wedding Photographer Karissa Grantham

The best weddings are…

when couples really personalize the activities and décor and you get a really clear picture of who they are. As a photographer, it’s fun to see friends and family come together and feel the happiness and joy.

My biggest piece of advice is…

to pick a photographer you already know you love. Find someone whose light, angles and style speak to you so you can trust them on the wedding day to do exactly what you know they can do.

I always have…

snacks and a second pair of shoes to help my feet on those 10-hour days.

The shots we love to get are…

It all comes down to the emotions in the pictures and capturing the moment where people aren’t thinking about getting their photo taken. They’re comfortable, they’re happy, they’re hanging out, they’re dancing.

My favorite camera is...

Canon 5D Mark 4. It’s much heavier than some, but I love it. It’s a very intuitive camera for me. I know how to make it do what I want.

My favorite special wedding moment is...

At a Charlottesville wedding last year, the bride’s father — who was a former music producer — created a compilation of songs that meant something to him and his daughter over the years. The DJ played it while the father gave his toast. Everyone was crying. It’s those extra sentimental moments that you remember the most.


When photos continue telling your story, I know I’ve done my job well. I’m here for the sweet moments, the honest feelings, the nerves that might creep in, and especially the love.

Out of Twig Wedding Photographer Karissa Grantham


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