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Based on your budget and preferences, Hunter & Sarah Photography
could be a great fit for you.

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Based on your budget and preferences, Hunter & Sarah Photography
could be a great fit for you.

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Day by Fay

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Charlottesville, VA
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Personable Stress-Free Planning

Lead Charlottesville wedding planner and designer Sarah Fay Waller takes tasks that may feel overwhelming (i.e. picking out rentals, florals, and caterers) and makes them seem fun and easy. A Columbia, MD native and University of Virginia grad, Sarah draws inspiration from her travels abroad, classical art and architecture, literature, music, and tradition.
With degrees in art history and English lit, she’d imagined a career curating museum exhibits or working in arts education. After college, Sarah landed back in Charlottesville, securing an event coordinator position at UVA and side hustling as an assistant to local event planners. As close friends began getting engaged, she would gift them wedding coordination services, stepping in to establish timelines, floor plans, vendor lineups, leading rehearsals, and providing full wedding day support.
After planning weddings for over five years, Day by Fay was established in 2017. Sarah launched with offering day-of coordination services and quickly expanded.
“I learned that I loved working closely with couples throughout the whole process, rather than just jumping in last-minute and tying up loose ends,” she says. “I prefer to work with clients who are about to be engaged or just got engaged. I love jumping in and telling them here’s what’s available based on season and budget.”
Sarah’s ideal clients are open-minded with an anything-is-possible outlook. She pays great attention to detail, playing on art and architecture whenever she can and leaning toward unexpected statement floral installations and unique artful displays. She stays up to speed on wedding design developments by attending professional development workshops and learning from established and talented creatives.
“What I would like to be known for is my care. I try to under-promise and over-deliver,” Sarah says. “It’s all about the little touches, knowing that we’re one step ahead, that the couple always has a glass of something in their hand. If the bride is shivering during photos, I’ll bring a shawl out to her.”
The Day by Fay wedding team consists of Sarah and five women who are also dear friends and family members. They flow like a well-oiled machine, reading each other’s minds and ensuring you enjoy your celebrations from welcome reception to newlywed send-off.
“We know what couples need before they ask for it,” Sarah says. “The most important thing to me is that the couple and their VIP people — grandparents, parents, wedding party — are comfortable.”

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Sarah Fay
Wedding Planner

Real Talk with

Wedding Designer and Planner Sarah Fay Waller

The best weddings are…

when couples and guests don’t want the night to end. You work with clients for 18 months, you put all this love and effort into one day and it goes by so quickly.

My biggest piece of advice is…

trust your planner. Plan ahead of time and frontload the process. Sometimes couples assume they can do it all and realize four months out they need support. Hire a planner before you even start the process. It’s an investment, but your planner can help you save money.

My favorite design touches are…

I love candles and florals and injecting anything personal. I’m working with a florist for her own wedding and we’re creating little packets of seeds for guests to direct them to their tables.

My favorite special wedding moment is…

Revealing the reception to the couple. When all the guests are still at cocktail hour and my team has lit all the candles, I like to bring the couple in with the photographer to capture their faces when they first see what the space looks like.


I would love to continue to see a trend where brides trust their planners with wedding design. Couples should really rely on the fact that they’re investing in an expert. An expert who has been in the industry for years and has these vendor relationships established.

Wedding Designer and Planner Sarah Fay Waller

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