Jen Fariello Photography

Charlottesville, VA

Award-Winning Fine Art Wedding Photography

Jen Fariello Photography is an award-winning lifestyle and wedding photography studio specializing in fine art wedding images and portraits. Since opening her Charlottesville studio in 1996, Jen's work has been featured in acclaimed publications such as People, Rolling Stone and Southern Weddings and is often described as artistic and classic.
Jen puts the camera-shy at ease with her warm, gentle approach and peaceful presence. Through portraits, candids and artful angles, she captures every moment of the day and night and brings top-level professional service to your event. Jen is your partner every step of the way, hosting planning sessions and executing your vision in true, focused style.
An artist and visionary, Jen goes above and beyond to secure that split second in time when a single tear rolls down a cheek, a flower girl giggles or a grandmother’s knowing smile reflects in a window. Jen leans into your celebration theme and tone to cultivate a wedding album you and your family will hold dear for generations to come.

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Jen Fariello
Owner & Photographer

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Scarlet & Bryce

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Scarlet & Bryce

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